Digitall Packet


Photography in the studio.

This packet is suitable for photography of birthdays, personal, Kids and couples.

For use on social networks.
Time: Two hours
Select maximum of 20 photos after shooting.
Photo editing.
Send photos to your email.
Image size: 1080 pixels

Price: 250 for 20 photos

Profesional portrait

Professional portrait photography for commercial use.
If you need a professional photo for your CV, LinkedIn profile and social media
This photo model is right for you to see your target audience in the most beautiful way possible.
Image size: 1080 pixels

Time required: 2 hours

Price: 200 per photo

Profesioan portrait for print

Professional portrait photography suitable for large size printing.
If you need a professional photo to print on flyers and posters, this option is for you.
Photo editing
Image size: 6240 pixels

Time required: 2 hours

Price: 500 per photo

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